In 1999, young coal miner Brant North almost list his life in an 8-hour ordeal on a longwall face that resulted in the amputation of both legs. Today, in an effort to reinforce the learnings of the incident, Brant has now delivered his presentation to over 1500 employees throughout NSW, QLD &NZ. Speaking candidly to employees about the accident, the contributing factors, personal effect of the accident and opportunities for prevention, Brant tells his story to reinforce the importance of correct isolation, appropriate risk management and the necessity for personal ownership with respect to safety.

As years pass since the accident, this presentation continues to be a timely reminder to employees of the real ‘consequences’ if risk management is not applied effectively. Brant closes his discussion with the confronting but necessary questions; –

  • What did we learn from the incident?
  • What have we changed?
  • What do we do differently to make sure it won’t happen again?
  • What will you do differently from today to ensure your own safety at work?