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In life… we all have challenges; we are all tested to breaking point.

There are those who have chosen to face challenges and endure testing on our behalf.  These brave men and women of the defence force who have stood for those who could not.


Defending the innocent in the line of fire.  Sacrificing love and life for you and me, and for our future generations.


That is why, at Downunder Group Solutions, we honour them by lifting some of the load these brave defence force personnel now carry back here on Australian soil.


Downunder Group Solutions has commission 300 limited edition special caps with 100% of proceeds donated to two great charities helping our heroes get back on their feet.

Purchase your cap and support the brave men and women of the defence force.


Together we show gratitude.


Together we say thanks.


Together we lift those who have carried our freedom on their shoulders.


Thank you for supporting us to support our soldiers by purchasing a limited-edition cap for $30 each including posting.


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