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To achieve optimal results, with the aim of improving current levels of engagement & retention of information communication on site and more importantly, the practical application of the knowledge, we develop customised learning material with specific consideration given to:

  • How does the human brain prefer to receive information?
  • How do we maximise attention and therefore engagement?
  • How do we assure memory encoding, storage and retrieval?
  • How do we influence conscious and sub conscious behaviours at a practical level?

Using cutting edge graphics and a varied range of other cost effective graphic media types, our programs are designed relevant to the nature of the content and the level of graphics required, allowing us to;

  • Simplify complex principles and information
  • Provide visual step by step visual explanation of operational processes
  • Provide visual representation of equipment or environments that are otherwise inaccessible
  • Manipulate a process or environment to show alternate outcomes i.e. safe vs unsafe practices (Encoding)

Training material can be custom made to complement your curriculum, or developed to suit a particular equipment operation or process.

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